e-Rostering deployed in operating theatres at Gateshead trust

Published: 18-Apr-2013

Kronos\' SMART workforce management solution rolled out at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust has deployed a SMART workforce management solution from Kronos in its operating theatres as part of the final phase of a trustwide roll-out.

SMART e Rostering and time and attendance have been implemented across 3,500 managerial, clinical, and non-clinical staff, delivering significant costs savings and improved work/life balance across the trust. An integrated workforce management framework now links seamlessly with the Electronic Staff Records (ESR) and payroll systems.

The SMART auto-rostering and time and attendance are used to manage staff deployment in theatres, with improved allocation of shifts against contracted hours and absence management.

More efficient management of staff shifts has resulted in better utilisation of in-house skills and is more than likely to assist in reducing the costs of using bank staff within theatres.

In today’s climate, trusts are focusing on how to deliver services to provide the best patient care with optimum management of resources

In addition, the automated processes and monitoring of hours helps the trust to meet European Working Time Directive regulations by enabling sickness levels to be monitored and the deployment has eliminated payroll errors and overpayments with tangible time and cost savings.

Brian Nicholson, clinical lead and project manager at the trust, said: ““The use of SMART’s workforce management solution in theatres is part of the final deployment of the system within the trust. The benefits from automated processes with improved deployment of staff and skills mix can be seen across the trust. With better management of our shift allocation we can also improve our patient care. Our fully auditable processes provide a fair and transparent way to enable us to better manage costs and working time legislation.”

Tristan Spencer, director of SMART for Kronos, added: “In today’s climate, trusts are focusing on how to deliver services to provide the best patient care with optimum management of resources. The SMART workforce management solutions helps Gateshead manage and automate processes to enable effective deployment of staff with the right skill mixes required for frontline services. It supports the adoption of new workforce management practices to achieve the trust’s goals.”

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