The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust selects Oracle Health platform

By Jo Makosinski | Published: 19-Apr-2023

Electronic health records solution replaced legacy digital and paper-based systems to reduce administrative burden on staff

The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust (PAHT) has signed a 10-year agreement to modernise its hospital systems with Oracle Health electronic health records (EHR).

By moving away from multiple legacy digital and paper-based systems to a single EHR platform, the hospital in Harlow can reduce administrative tasks and help improve the delivery of medications and treatments for patients.

It will also help the trust to change how clinicians use data to admit, treat, discharge, and communicate with patients. 

“The Oracle Health EHR is a vital component of our huge digital transformation programme,” said Phil Holland, chief information officer at the trust.

Digital tranformation

“Not only will it provide numerous benefits and efficiencies – for patients and staff – it will underpin our vision to be the most-digitally-enabled hospital in the country.

“This will support the patient journey by using technology and digital solutions at every step, from arrival and wayfinding to scheduling and treatment.”

Adding the EHR platform will help the trust deliver on its promise of providing the most-up-to-date expert care designed to meet the needs of the patient and use technology and digital solutions to transform the way they work. 

Accelerating adoption

“Building on our past successes with many NHS trusts, PAHT joins us at a pivotal time, given the acceleration of digital adoption within NHS trusts, enabling the future of healthcare,” said Distie Profit, UK general manager at Oracle Health.

“The implementation of the EHR will be instrumental in enabling better experiences for both staff and patients across all facilities and helping to improve the efficiency of their processes.

“Importantly, it will create greater opportunities for EHR data to be shared across the integrated care system and can be used to inform the planning and design of services for the region.”

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