Special report: MRI - the future of diagnostics

Published: 3-Mar-2021

In the second in our series of FREE market sector reports we explore how magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology has evolved and the predicted levels of investment needed across the UK

The first patent for magnetic resonance imaging technology (MRI) was filed in the 1960s.

But it was several decades later that it started to gain traction in the UK healthcare market.

Now MRI scanning is the gold standard for diagnostics across many medical specialties.

In this article BBH editor, Jo Makosinski, provides an overview of the predicted demand for MRI technology among NHS trusts across the country – estimated at more than 450 machines over the next five years – and speaks to some of the leading manufacturers about the latest innovations.

This includes new technology which is enabling faster scanning and improved diagnostic ability, as well as tools to enhance the patient experience and reduce the anxiety associated with traditional scans.

Download the full article here.

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