Schneider Electric introduces LED Dimmers for increased control and energy efficiency

Published: 12-Nov-2014

New range supports ever-increasing demand for LED lamp technology

Schneider Electric has launched a range of LED-compatible dimmer switches to support the ever-increasing demand for LED lamps technology.

The use of these LED dimmers will further enhance the performance of energy-efficient LED lamps through improved lamp endurance and additional energy savings.

Compared to traditional incandescent lighting, LED technology is more efficient as it consumes 75% less energy. In the last few years, with influence from legislative changes, the LED lighting market has grown substantially.

“The LED market has seen rapid growth in recent years, largely thanks to the increased focus on sustainability and energy efficiency,” said Kristin Hanley from Schneider Electric.

“LED lighting technology has advanced considerably since its introduction in the early 1990s. With a Nobel prize recently won for LED technology, the importance of this development, for both now and the future, has been cemented. Installing both LED lighting and compatible dimmers can be a costly investment for both businesses and consumers, but the rewards in terms of the amount of energy and money saved, can be significant.”

In light of the decline in use of incandescent bulbs, Schneider Electric has continued the development of an LED-compatible dimmer range. This range expands across the Ultimate Slimline White Moulded, Ultimate Screwless and Ultimate Flat Plate ranges. As a global leader in energy efficiency, Schneider Electric prides itself on providing a complete energy management solution.

Schneider Electrics’ new range of LED dimmers has been tested with leading lamp manufacturers and is compatible with mains voltage tungsten halogen, low voltage halogen, and a wide range of dimmable LED lamps.

Furthermore, due to a minimum load adjustment control on the dimmer switch, Schneider Electric's range of LED dimmers bring greater user control, aiding ease of use.

Many LED dimmers on the market today are not supported with any lamp compatibility information, leaving the installer or consumer to search for a suitable lamp, which can in turn lead to damage to the dimmer. The intelligent load protection in Schneider Electrics LED dimmer range means that lamp wattage cannot exceed the rate of the dimmer. Additionally, each lamp has a maximum of 10 lamps per circuit at 100W/VA.

The range is available now, in a single or multi-gang plate format, in a wide range of decorative finishes to compliment virtually any interior design.

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