Queen Alexandra Hospital’s rehabilitation garden

Published: 24-Jul-2023

Queen Alexandra’s Neurorehabilitation facility has recently dedicated a small courtyard garden to their patients for a moment outdoors where medical staff can access without the concern of impacts caused by UV sunlight

Fordingbridge constructed a 60.2m2 walkway where benches and outdoor seating is situated beneath, providing protection from the sun and the rain to vulnerable patients. Thanks to this structure the offering of a moment outside aids in the facilities health and wellbeing programme as family and visitors can spend a little time with their loved ones away from the medical beds and machines without travelling far from the facility.

Complimenting the surrounding fencing, this walkway shelter creates a private and secluded space away from the hustle and bustle of surrounding roads and people walking around the Hospitals grounds. This open-air space grants patients time on the fresh air away from the clinic whilst remaining sympathetic to the needs of each rehabilitant.

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