Priory therapy and counselling clinic opens in Wimbledon Park

Published: 20-Jun-2022

New facility provides access to mental health support on the high street

Private mental health service provider, The Priory, has reported a ‘tsunami’ of enquiries from people seeking help for depression, anxiety, and eating disorders among other mental health conditions.

And to address this increasing pressure on services, the operator has this week announced the opening of The Priory Wimbledon Park Clinic in Arthur Road, which will offer access to therapy at appointment times to suit patients, in discreet surroundings specially designed to make people feel relaxed.

Psychotherapists from its world-famous Roehampton Hospital will lead the team at the new mental wellbeing clinic in Wimbledon Park, making access to therapy quicker, easier, and more straightforward.

Priory Roehampton Hospital director, Steve Clarke, said: “Similar to our wellbeing centres in central London, the aim is to put therapy ‘on the high street’ so it is as easy to access as going to the gym.”

The clinic will also offer a ‘pathway’ to the Priory Hospital for those in need of more-intense support, while patients already receiving therapy there will be offered the Wimbledon Park clinic as an alternative location.

The company has invested £100,000 in the outpatient facility, which opens this month.

Clarke said: “We know there are long waiting lists for therapy across London and the UK, and this clinic will go some way to meeting that demand.”

The building has been refurbished to make patients feel more relaxed

The building has been refurbished to make patients feel more relaxed

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