Plans submitted for new care home in Spalding


DWA Architects behind designs of 61-bed facility in Lincolnshire

DWA Architects has submitted plans to South Holland District Council for a 61-bed care home on the site of the former Birds Public House in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

To be run by Glenholme Healthcare; the facility has been designed to pick up on the local style, also incorporating features to enable the home to continue functioning in the event of a flood occurring.

A raised-level garden terrace is proposed so that residents’ ability to use garden areas is not inhibited. And there will be a welcoming hall to receive relatives and visitors to the home before going to the upper-floor accommodation where two floors of bedrooms will be split into two distinct sections.

David Ward, managing director of York-based DWA Architects, said: “This has been a very-interesting project to work on, in order to design a home that can meet the needs both of the community in Spalding while being aware of the potential flood risk in the area.’

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“We have now submitted the plans with a decision expected in April. This project will deliver a traditional-style home with state-of-the-art facilities, designed to complement its surroundings.”