New Gradus Maxima bathroom range

Published: 18-Nov-2015

Gradus and Ponte Giulio join forces to create new specialist bathroom products

Gradus has formed a new partnership with leading Italian manufacturer, Ponte Giulio, to launch a new range of specialist bathroom products.

The Maxima range is a collection of specialist bathroom products developed to offer modern, stylish solutions for accessible bathrooms, with safety and comfort at the forefront of their design.

Products featured in the range include safety grab rails and adjustable support arms, shower and bath seating, shower rails, and a selection of bathroom accessories.

The products are available in a diverse colour range to ensure that visual contrast can be achieved in most bathroom environments. All 13 colour options have been measured for LRVs (light reflectance value) to ensure a 30 point difference can easily be achieved to help partially sighted people identify special features.

Products within the Maxima range feature galvanised steel cores, non-slip vinyl coating that is warm-to-touch and stainless steel fixings to avoid rusting and corrosion. Maxima products are treated with BioCote technology, offering antimicrobial protection that can reduce the level of bacteria by up to 99% and help prevent the spread of germs.

Anna Conrad-Smith, marketing product manager at Gradus, said: “Age UK has reported that the number of people 75 and older living in the UK is projected to double in the next 30 years. Solutions for creating accessible bathroom environments are becoming increasingly relevant to meet the needs of an aging population, particularly in healthcare, nursing home and hospitality environments. The Maxima range offers complete solutions designed to assist facilities managers in meeting the relevant guidelines.”

Nick Gontar at Ponte Giulio UK added: “Ponte Giulio has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing specialist bathroom products and are committed to working with Gradus to provide a range of high-quality, durable solutions for accessible bathrooms.”

As part of the Maxima range, Gradus offer product packs designed to assist facilities managers in meeting the guidance outlined in Approved Document M (2015) of the Building Regulations 2010.

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