InterSystems releases Novel Coronavirus screening functionality for TrakCare

Published: 14-Feb-2020

UK information system provider quick to respond to help clinicians screen and support patients with killer bug

InterSystems is releasing global functionality for its TrakCare unified healthcare information system to screen and support patients with 2019-nCoV, the novel coronavirus infection that originated in Wuhan in China.

The functionality is available to users of the latest editions of TrakCare now, and customers in China and multiple other countries, including the UK and United Arab Emirates, have already begun using it.

The functionality enables clinicians to screen patients for 2019-nCoV using World Health Organization (WHO) guidance, and a link to the Wuhan Coronavirus Global Cases tracking app provided by the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering in the US.

Icons will indicate whether screening has been undertaken and the results.

There is no generally accepted treatment for 2019-nCoV. However, the WHO is advising hospitals to isolate patients and protect others from infection, and the final element of the new TrakCare functionality will advise clinicians of any steps they should take.

“InterSystems keeps a close watch on the world’s healthcare requirements, so it can respond to issues that it can help to address in a timely manner,” said Hazem El Oraby, managing director and chief medical officer for TrakCare at InterSystems.

“This is a great example of how TrakCare can be updated in real-time to urgently respond to threats and deployed rapidly to the organisations and clinicians that need it; particularly those using the latest edition of our systems.”

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