Instant, secure access to NHS Spine transformed with new virtual smartcard

Published: 18-May-2021

Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus removes need for physical cards, supporting clinical workflows at the point-of-care

Imprivata, the digital identity company for healthcare, has today announced its new virtual smartcard solution. Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus provides fast, secure No Click Access to NHS Spine-enabled applications without the need for physical cards. The new solution improves security by eliminating smartcard workarounds and supports compliance with NHS information governance standards. Imprivata virtual smartcard removes the need for clinicians to remember login details, saving time throughout the day as they access the NHS Spine, allowing greater focus on delivering patient care.

Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus supports NHS Spine session roaming which enables clinicians to move from location to location, patient to patient, accessing clinical information on whichever device or computer is to hand.

Gus Malezis, CEO, Imprivata commented; “The COVID-19 pandemic has driven rapid adoption of new technology within the NHS and changed forever the way that care services are delivered. At Imprivata we are committed to enabling digital transformation by providing solutions that solve healthcare’s highly complex clinical workflow, security and compliance challenges. This latest development in the Imprivata OneSign platform recognises our NHS customers’ need for a fully integrated virtual smartcard that will remove barriers to technology at the point of care.”

With no printing required, the virtual smartcards can be created and deployed to users at scale, facilitating efficient, secure, compliant access from any site or location without the need for expensive hardware. Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus supports role-based identities, enabling users to swiftly switch roles for varying clinical functions, while providing an audit-trail and compliance with the NHS Data Security Protection Toolkit, and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus provides the following benefits to NHS Trusts:

  • Streamlines clinical workflows and simplifies NHS Spine access, thereby ensuring strong user adoption
  • Increased clinician productivity with No Click Access saves up to 25 seconds per login for improved focus on patient care
  • Fast access to secure patient data encourages adherence to secure working practices while secure walk-away features protect un-attended workstations
  • Compliance and information governance proven by accurate reporting on authentication and smartcard usage
  • Application integration with leading EHRs and most specialised clinical applications

Imprivata is currently working with NHS Digital on their accreditation process in parallel to the release of the product, and will provide further updates as the process moves forward.

Imprivata Virtual Smartcard is part of the Imprivata OneSign family which includes; Imprivata Confirm ID – for comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication for remote access, and clinical workflows; Imprivata Mobile Access – for mobile authentication that can be used with shared medical devices and applications, and; Imprivata Medical Device Access – for fast, secure authentication of medical devices. For more details please visit:

Imprivata will be hosting a webinar to introduce the new virtual smartcard and demonstrate just how quick and easy it is for clinicians to use. Register HERE.

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