Imprivata supports Bridgeway Security Solutions with Phones for Patients

Published: 22-Jul-2020

Free Imprivata Mobile licenses enable fast, re-provisioning of recycled phones for patients in isolation to talk to family and loved ones while keeping patient data secure

Imprivata, the digital identity company for healthcare, is providing free of charge Imprivata Mobile licences to Bridgeway Security Solutions for its Phones for Patients charity initiative. Donated old phones are secured and wiped of all previous data, and distributed to NHS organisations and care homes for use by people who are in isolation due to infection control measures. To date, 8,000 devices have been pledged/donated, and 121 care homes and hospitals have benefitted from the free phones.

Bridgeway Security Solutions, a consultancy providing expertise in security, mobile, and cloud technology has set up Phones for Patients as a not-for-profit enterprise, to provide a safe way for patients to communicate with loved ones, providing much needed comfort and support for those in isolation. Using Imprivata Mobile cloud-based automation software for provisioning shared iOS mobile devices means that up to 600 devices can be securely wiped of all previous data and repurposed within an hour.

Managing Director of Bridgeway Security Solutions, Jason Holloway explained; “We are collecting donated phones, chargers and cables, cleaning them, loading them with communications and other apps and then distributing them to participating care homes and hospitals. We are working with NHS organisations to develop best practices around these use cases and share these throughout the NHS.”

Holloway continued: “Bridgeway is providing this service free of charge, as our contribution to the effort to defeat COVID-19. We are delighted that Imprivata has been supportive and keen to be involved from the start. Using the Imprivata Mobile software has enabled us to process devices much more quickly, and therefore get them to the people that need them. We have had many heart-warming messages of gratitude and thanks from people working in care homes and in some cases, even from patients themselves saying how much they valued the service.”

Aaron Freimark, VP, Product Strategy at Imprivata said, “We have been liaising closely with Jason and the team at Bridgeway and were very keen to help by supplying the Imprivata Mobile licences as part of Imprivata’s global effort to support the healthcare community in fighting COVID-19. The comfort and support provided to those who are ill by loved ones is a cornerstone of care and can have a huge impact on recovery.”

Imprivata Mobile has been used to support more than 1,000,000 devices at global corporations, including hospitals, retail outlets, and airports, across 82 countries worldwide. Imprivata Mobile helps regulated industries enhance their current iOS mobile device management (MDM) to maintain the highest standards for provisioning, asset management, privacy, and security.

There are four ways in which people can get involved with the Phones for Patients initiative:

  • Individuals can donate old phones, cables and chargers
  • People can get their employers involved, so that businesses donate unused devices
  • Donate to the Phones for Patients JustGiving page, for cables and chargers (to accompany donated phones which often come without either)
  • Spread the word by sharing social media posts with friends and family

Find out more information about Phones for Patients and Bridgeway Security Solutions.

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