Gradus wall protection futureproofs cancer treatment centre

Published: 8-Oct-2019

Wall protection products installed at new Proton Beam Therapy Centre

Gradus has supplied and installed a range of bespoke wall protection solutions at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust’s ground-breaking new Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Centre, providing it with invisible protection to futureproof it against everyday damage for years to come.

The wall protection products have been fitted throughout the state-of-the-art £125m centre in Manchester, the first facility in the UK to offer high-energy proton beam therapy for the NHS.

They were provided as part of Gradus’s supply-and-fit service, which sees the company design, manufacture, and install solutions which best fit the needs of each building.

The Christie was seeking a solution that would provide it with all the benefits of wall protection in terms of reducing lifecycle costs, while being as ‘invisible’ as possible, creating a less-institutional and more-relaxing environment for patients.

To make this vision a reality, Gradus worked closely with the hospital throughout the process.

In co-operation with The Christie, and the centre’s main building contractor, Gradus supplied and installed its SureProtect Pure hygienic wall cladding in White and Iceberg shades.

Specially designed to create an impermeable barrier to moisture and bacteria, SureProtect Pure is an ideal solution for healthcare environments as its smooth, easy-to-clean surface makes it especially hygienic and ensures it meets Health Building Note 00-09: Infection control in the built environment.

In various areas of the five-storey site, Gradus also fitted a range of other wall protection products: full-height 90° Corner Guards to protect vulnerable corners; 200mm Wall Guards to protect the walls; and Bed Head Protectors behind the beds to protect the vital medical equipment used to support patients.

All were supplied in Alum or Chalk colours to blend into the background and complement the overall design of the facility, ensuring a well-protected and aesthetically-pleasing building.

In addition, in areas that will be used by potentially-vulnerable patients, Gradus installed its Combination Rails – handrails that combine with wall guard elements to offer both support and protection.

In line with BS 8300-2:2018 and Approved Document M, the handrails were supplied in Shale colour to offer a 30 points LRV difference from the wall to which it is attached, ensuring suitable contrast for support and direction.

“The Christie were extremely pleased with the solutions we installed for them, and the way that some blend in with the environment while others stand out for better inclusivity,” said Chris Jackson, wall protection sales manager at Gradus.

“Having worked with The Christie before, we were thrilled to continue our relationship on this prestigious and rigorous ProCure 21+ project, which will mean that cancer patients can benefit from advanced treatment today, tomorrow and well into the future.

“The project was an excellent example of our supply-and-fit service, showing how we work closely with clients and supply chain partners to deliver the project on time and exactly to specification.”

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