Art in Site presents artwork and design for UK Emergency departments


Art in Site has recently finished a series of innovative projects integrating art and design into Emergency departments across the UK. It will be sharing its findings, designs and insight across a selection of platforms in the coming weeks

Artwork by Art in Site, installed at St Thomas’ Hospital Emergency department, featuring illustrations by illustrator Varham Muratyan. Image credit: Art in Site

Lecture at St Thomas’ Hospital at Healthcare Estates 2019

Art in Site will speak at this year’s Healthcare Estates conference on the award-winning art scheme for St Thomas’ Hospital, along with Guy’s & St Thomas’ arts manager, Liz O’Sullivan.

“The department feels more open and welcoming. The artwork clearly separates our different areas making our busy department less confusing for patients and staff," said the Service Manager, Adult’s Emergency.

The event Using The Arts to Reduce Disorientation, Anxiety, Aggression, & Violence at St Thomas’ New Emergency Dept. will be held on 8 October 2019, 3:10-3:30pm.

Award nomination at Healthcare Estates 2019

Art in Site’s artwork at Homerton Hospital Emergency department, which utilises a set of bespoke patterns to bring emotional warmth and better wayfinding, has been nominated for an award at Healthcare Estates this year.

“The artwork has really lifted our department and has made it feel more alive, colourful and less medical, particularly in areas such as the children’s emergency department. The information slices are loved by patients and staff alike and the clarity of information helps the service feel modern, stylish and well-ordered. The use of colour, words and specific art designs has assisted patient flow and improved both patient and relative information no end,” said Dr E. Rowland, Clinical Lead in Emergency Medicine and Associate Medical Director IMRS Division at Homerton University Hospital.

Click here for a case study of Art in Site’s work at Homerton Hospital, Emergency department.

A patient journey map, designed and produced by Art in Site, helps patients to navigate their way through the Emergency process at Homerton Hospital. Image credit: Art in Site

Art in Site Emergency lecture goes live

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For those who were unable to see Art in Site speak at the European Healthcare awards 2019 in June, the video of the lecture on its work for St Thomas’ Adult’s Emergency department is available here.