New Haigh macerator stays cleaner for longer

Published: 23-Aug-2018

SolodB macerator added to Quattro range

Reducing infection control risk is a key theme when disposing of human waste in healthcare.

And the shift from reusable bedpans and washers to disposable pulp bedpans and macerators has significantly improved infection risk rates and freed up time for nursing staff.

Traditionally, macerators are installed in the sluice room. Now, in some new hospital projects built under the NHS procurement framework, repeatable room arrangements with en-suite facilities are being considered with macerators installed at the point of care.

Biomaster partner, Haigh Healthcare, has been working for several years to ensure its macerators are safe for staff.

Now, the new SolodB macerator, an addition to its Quattro range, has been launched for patient areas, bringing infection control efficacy of the macerator into the public eye.

SolodB has been designed so it has smooth surfaces, making it more difficult for bacteria to cling to and limited grooves, which can often serve as dirt traps.

The external surface is also protected with Biomaster antimicrobial technology so it stays hygienic for the lifetime of the macerator – which can be more than 10 years.

The addition of Biomaster antimicrobial technology means the infection transmission risk associated with toileting patients is dramatically reduced and doesn’t negatively affect patient health care outcomes.

Haigh managing director, Stuart Anderson, said: "Haigh has always striven to design pulp macerators that out perform customer expectations and it’s seen as a point of reference by the NHS and several other international healthcare system providers.

“Using our macerators reduces the risk of healthcare-acquired infections that can be associated with patient toileting and now it’s also been recognised by Quiet Mark as the quietest pulp macerator on the market.

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