New clear glaze complements infection control protocols

Published: 14-May-2018

easy-on+ antimicrobial finish helps keep bacteria at bay

Hygiene and cleaning protocols will always be the first line of defence in any healthcare setting.

However, it has been shown that surfaces that are regularly cleaned and disinfected can be re-contaminated with the next contact.

Adding an antimicrobial to a product surface complements current infection control protocols by reducing the ability of bacteria to grow on surfaces, offering a second line of defence and enhancing cleaning regimes.

Urban Hygiene, based in Doncaster, has launched easy-on+, an antimicrobial finish with a 20-year lifecycle designed for hospital ICUs, theatres and wards.

Managing director, Mark Johnson, said: “Building on the unparalleled durability and damage resistance of easy-on clear glaze, our Biomaster-infused coating can be applied to any wall-painted or natural in environment where hygiene is paramount.”

Once cured, easy-on+ Biomaster Anti-microbial forms a completely-washable, seamless barrier offering product protection that reduces the ability of bacteria to grow on the surface.

Based on silver ion technology, and building on the impressive Biomaster name; there is no other coating that can offer such complete wash-ability, durability and long 20-year life.

“Applying easy-on+ Biomaster Anti-Microbial to hospital walls will improve appearances and in the long term save the NHS huge sums of money on redecoration, while reducing the ability of bacteria to grow on the surface,” said Johnson.

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