More hospitals across the UK choose MAT's unique lay up cabinet

Published: 22-Jun-2018

The popularity of the lay-up cabinet from Medical Air Technology (MAT) continues to grow, with Spire South Bank Hospital in Worcester, Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Glasgow and Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital all taking delivery of cabinets in recent months

Medical Air Technology (MAT) provides a comprehensive range of solutions for can environments such as operating theatres, aseptic suites, cleanrooms and containment labs.

Its lay-up cabinet is available in a variety of sizes and requires only minimal installation time, making it a flexible and cost effective solution for operating theatre prep rooms where space may be limited, but infection control essential.

The cabinet is fully self-contained and requires only a 13amp power supply. Medical equipment placed under the cabinet’s diffuser is bathed in uni-directional HEPA-filtered air, which passes directly over the sterile instrument tray. It provides in excess of 1,000 air changes per hour over the instruments, more even than under a UCV canopy, creating a safe, sterile lay-up area. The instrument tray can then be covered with a sterile cloth and taken from the prep room into the operating theatre clean zone.

The lay-up cabinet helps operating theatres to run more efficiently by reducing downtime due to contamination issues. It also helps to keep everything flowing smoothly from one operation to the next, as instruments can be easily and safely laid-up in the prep room, ready for the next patient.

The newest and most advanced version of the cabinet is available in three sizes, and features an electronic control panel, adjustable fan speed, integral LED lighting and a high quality powder- coated finish.


  • Fully self-contained
  • Requires only 13 amp power supply
  • Takes up minimal wall space
  • Electronic control panel
  • Adjustable fan speed and integral LED lighting
  • High quality powder-coated finish
  • Easy installation

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