Manage security from the palm of your hand with CLIQ Go

Published: 27-Aug-2018

Security and access rights can now be managed from anywhere in the world

ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions is launching the new CLIQ Go system for organisations looking to remotely manage security.

Designed for busy managers, CLIQ Go locking technology enables users to manage security and access rights from anywhere in the world.

By putting a digital access control solution in the palm of their hand, CLIQ Go saves stakeholders time and unnecessary workloads.

Managers can administer their CLIQ Go system in the cloud and from a mobile phone, tablet or PC, via a new, intuitive app.

Individual access rights can be instantly revoked or updated from remote devices, as part of a responsive, reactive access control system.

Simon Wilson, national sales manager for ASSA CLIQ Remote at ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, said: “Managers don’t want to be wasting time changing all their locks because someone lost a key, and with CLIQ Go they don’t need to. The ability to configure access control is at their fingertips.”

The CLIQ Go system combines the best of mechanical and electronic security to meet the needs of a busy workplace.

The electronic lock’s power is provided by a battery inside every programmable key, meaning it works independently of mains power.

The system is compatible with existing doors and lock cases, making it cost-effective and hassle free to install.

Site security can get the CLIQ Go upgrade with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

The cylinders and keys are built to withstand the elements, so can be used on interior and exterior openings and work across multiple types of enclosure, including doors, cabinets, cupboards and padlocks.

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