King George Hospital Installation transforms patient service

Published: 23-Aug-2016

Digital general radiology systems installed at Ilford hospital

Like many radiology departments, the King George Hospital in Ilford was facing the dilemma of a desperate need for improved workflow and a desire to upgrade to digital imaging, but with a limited budget to make any changes.

The solution to this problem was simple and cost effective, and has transformed the way the radiology team operates.

By installing the Fujifilm D-Evo II Retrofit system in all four X-ray rooms, the department has fully upgraded to digital imaging at a fraction of the cost of putting in new rooms.

Benjamin Buckland, lead radiographer, said: "Since installing the Fujifilm FDR DEVO II solutions for our four X-ray rooms, we have been able to transform both our patient service and workflow.

“Our department runs much more smoothly now, with reduced waiting times for both inpatients and outpatients. In addition, there is a significant improvement in the efficiency and workflow for our radiographic team.”

King George’s has been using Fujifilm CR equipment for many years, and the popularity of the user interface was a contributing factor in selecting Fujifilm for the retrofit.

The Fujifilm system also allows the team to easily integrate the console and detector combination into any room as required, which delivers great flexibility and provides a cost-efficient investment.

With the upgrade to D-Evo II, the team benefits from the excellent design features of the new panels.

Buckland said: “The clinicians and reporting radiographers have commented very positively on the image quality in evidence with the DEVO II detectors"

Iain Sims, Fujifilm account manager, added: "I am delighted that our DEVO II solution has had such a positive impact.

“I have been coming here in various guises for many years, so being able to deliver the cutting-edge Fujifilm detectors and image processing technology has given me a real buzz.”

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