Innovative new light set to transform falls prevention and detection

By Jo Makosinski | Published: 5-Dec-2022

AI-powered smart lamp which detects and prevents falls in older adults is now available in the UK and Ireland

A new AI-powered lamp has been launched in the UK and Ireland to transform the detection and prevention of falls among the elderly in residential care settings.

Designed by Nobi, the Nobi lamp offers a solution to a global problem, with around a third of people aged 65 and over, and half of all people aged 80 and over, suffering a fall all at least once a year.

If a resident falls, the intelligent lamp detects this immediately and speaks to the resident, asking if they are okay.

In the event of no response, or a call for help, the lamp is pre-programmed to send a message to either caregivers or family members.

And, in the event of an emergency, emergency services are notified, with the lamp having the ability to open the door for them.

There is also the ability to send an image to show where in the room the fall has occurred.

The Nobi lamp can be pre-programmed, with users choosing whether or not to share an image should a fall occur and opting for the image to be converted to an abstract figure to ensure privacy.

Preventative measures

Nobi also aims to help prevent falls.

When a resident sits upright in bed at night, Nobi will shine soft light upwards to gently illuminate the room and, if the person then stands up to go to the bathroom, for example, the smart lamp will illuminate the entire room. 

In time, the AI technology built into the Nobi smart lamp will also be able to predict certain falls; preventing even more incidents.

Changes in walking pace, length of stride, and even the person’s posture when sitting will be detected and can be used to alert caregivers of a potential risk.

Nobi co-founder and chief executive, Roeland Pelgrims, said: “Falls are the most-common cause of fatal injuries, and 50% of the elderly who lay on the floor for longer than one hour die within six months of the fall.

“Quick help after a fall is crucial and equals saving quality years of life. 

“Nobi’s ability to communicate immediately with care providers or family members provides peace of mind.”

Peace of mind

The Nobi smart lamp has been designed to feel familiar in every interior and as such is unobtrusive and easily installed, with no need for new cables – only a Wifi connection is required.

Pelgrims said: “The population continues to age at a rapid pace. In fact, one-fifth of Europe’s population is currently over 65, and this will be one quarter by 2040. 

“This ageing demographic is a tough challenge for all healthcare systems worldwide, which are already suffering from an acute shortage of healthcare personnel.”

Against this backdrop, Nobi aims to support care workers in residential care centres and assisted living facilities or hospitals so they can focus on their core task knowing the lamp is watching over residents and patients and will alert them in the case of a fall.

The lamp also takes repetitive administrative tasks off caregivers’ hands, freeing up time for duties that really make a difference.

For example, Nobi can be integrated with devices like smart scales and blood pressure monitors to automatically log health measurements and ensure this data is recorded efficiently.

UK distribution is being handled by Porters Care, with the Irish market being managed by Medguard.

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