Great Western Hospital selects Ingenica Solutions for PPE stock management

Published: 21-Oct-2020

Trust uses technology to ensure sufficient levels of PPE across the hospital

Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (GWH) has selected Ingenica Solutions for the critical stock management and reordering of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The trust has also implemented Ingenica Solutions 360 IM to track and trace inventory in the theatre department and has now decided to roll out the system across all wards, securing efficiencies and improving patient safety.

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, Ingenica Solutions 360 IM was rapidly implemented in the trust’s emergency pop-up stores in under two weeks.

The innovative solution enabled GWH to track and manage PPE usage, auditing movement of PPE to the point of use.

And access to instant data has enabled the accurate replenishment of supplies needed, which otherwise would be incredibly difficult to calculate demand.

Giles De Burgh, head of resilience at GWH, said: “Trusts across the country were experiencing phenomenal issues with PPE during the outbreak of Coronavirus, and it was imperative we had a solution to support the movement of PPE in and out of the hospital.

“We already had an established relationship with Ingenica Solutions for the track and trace of inventory in theatres, and we were confident the team would help us with our management of PPE during the crisis.”

Nicola Hall, founder and chief operating officer at Ingenica Solutions, added: “Demand for PPE spiked during the peak of the outbreak and in response to this emergency, Ingenica Solutions 360 IM was implemented as a powerful solution to support PPE stock management.

“The pandemic has severely impacted inventory management in the NHS, especially for PPE products, and we are proud to support Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust at a time of crisis in the best way possible.”

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