GP Care Systems

GP Care Systems has been supplying specialised high-performance Guest Beds and Wall Beds for use in Hospitals and Hospices, for over 35 years.

The result is a world class range of ‘GLIDEAWAY’ Guest Beds and ‘WISKAWAY’ and ‘NEAT- A-WARD’ Wall Beds, which meet all current Health & Safety, Manual Handling and Infection Control requirements and set completely new standards of safety, durability, comfort, ease-of-handling and space efficiency.

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Health & safety/Infection control

The GP Care Systems high performance range of space-saving beds for Hospitals and Hospices meet all current Health & Safety and Manual Handling requirements. They also meet current Infection Control requirements. All our space-saving bedframes are made from powder-coated, heavy-duty, hand-welded, tubular steel, come with wipe-clean/waterproof mattresses and can be cleaned/disinfected just like a conventional Hospital bed, using the same cleaning agents.


GP Care Systems high performance space-saving bed mechanisms are designed to withstand daily, heavy-duty use, will give years of trouble-free service and are GUARANTEED FOR A FULL 5 YEARS. Single models will comfortably cope with loadings of up to 200Kg and doubles with up to 400Kg.

Customer Support

The GP Care Systems product range is supported by a dedicated, specialist customer service team with over 35 years’ experience, a FREE in-house consultancy service, to advise on the best product(s) for a particular project, a full after-sales service and an installation service for our wallbeds.

GP Care Systems
GP Care Systems

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