Dedalus acquires Swiftqueue to support patient access

Published: 22-Nov-2021

Cloud-first platform improves access to healthcare services through a digital front door

Dedalus Group has completed the acquisition of 100% of Swiftqueue Technologies, a fast-growing, cloud-native appointment and scheduling solutions provider.

The Swiftqueue solution enables patients and citizens to access healthcare services provided from hospitals, clinics, and specialists through a digital front door.

The software is extensively deployed throughout the UK, Ireland, and Canada, where it has transformed access to care and diagnostic services.

This includes appointment solutions for phlebotomy clinics, diagnostic imaging, vaccination services, and multiple care pathways across acute and community services.

This acquisition is complementary to Dedalus’ existing scheduling and appointment handling capabilities, delivering a modern, patient-facing solution to support organisations in referral management, management of waiting lists, and clinical appointments.

Dedalus can now offer this service in European markets, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America, North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

“Combining Swiftqueue with our existing appointment management and scheduling systems will accelerate access to health and care services, explained Andrea Fiumicelli, chief executive of Dedalus Group.

“Patients have an increasingly-active role in their own care planning and many health economies have a large backlog of appointments to triage and manage.

“Access to diagnostic services is also in huge demand.

“Dedalus and Swiftqueue offer a capability that greatly improves the workflow of appointment management, focusing on the experience for patients and service providers.”

Colin Henderson, Dedalus managing director for the UK and Ireland, adds: “This modern, cloud-first platform provides an enhanced system of engagement to streamline access to care and is applicable across many different care pathways, disciplines, and care settings.

“A real advantage is the speed in which the Swiftqueue technology can be deployed, as healthcare organisations find themselves under tremendous pressure to manage growing waiting lists.”

And Brendan Casey, co-Founder and chief executive of Swiftqueue, said: “We are very excited to expand on our existing, successful partnership with Dedalus.

“The Swiftqueue vision has always been to use digital means to co-ordinate care, and to make access to care as seamless as possible.

“And this is a vision we share with Dedalus.

“We were already working with many organisations to manage access to diagnostic services and hospital care pathways; where we have experienced a huge uptake in demand through the impacts of COVID and the appointment backlog this has created.

“This next step in our journey allows Swiftqueue to scale faster and deliver enhanced services to providers and patients across the UK and Ireland and other geographies where a digital front door is a vital component.

Dedalus is majority owned by Ardian, a world-leading private investment house.

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