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Art in Site are consultants and practitioners who make award winning integrated art and design for healthcare buildings across the UK. Incorporating research and user engagement, our process is guided by principles of co-creation and human-oriented design. Our holistic art/design schemes support and enhance the functioning of the healthcare service, bringing distraction, reassurance, and friendliness to the hospital environment


Art in Site is an award winning art consultancy and studio founded in 2003, led by directors Louisa Williams and Martin Jones. We use creativity in many forms –illustrations, sculpture, digital media, and architectural interventions – in order to bring emotional and practical support to healthcare users and staff. We’ve made Apps for children that relive fear and anxiety at A&E, sculptures and illustrations that bring wellbeing benefits to people with dementia, and our calm films have been widely used in mental health contexts and beyond to relive aggression and agitation. See our website for case studies and more information.

A jungle of fun at Children’s A&E!

We’ve recently completed instilling new artwork at Children’s A&E, King’s College London Hospital. For this, we commissioned artist Richard Hogg top produce illustrations of friendly and funny animals, including rhinos, zebra, fish, leopards, and more. We’ve integrated this gang of animals into walls, ceilings, and panels – offering children engagement and reassurance during their visit.

The department is split up into different cubicles, each of which has a unique set of colours and drawings that have been coreographed across the room, bringing a unique character to the modular-designed interior.

The animals playfully adopt their space – they peek out from behind objects, swim across walls, fly alongside information and more...