Britplas launches new multi-task handle for mental health environments

Published: 1-Jul-2019

Multask handle replaces three pieces of hardware

Britplas has launched a new operating handle for its award-winning Safevent window.

The Multask replaces three separate pieces of hardware, bringing improvements in both functionality and aesthetics.

The Safevent window is designed specifically for mental health environments, providing safety and security while also allowing natural light and ventilation and a high degree of patient control.

Up to now, the window controls have comprised a ‘wizzy winder’, patient thumb lock and staff lock. The new patented Multask handle provides the functionality of all three components within an anti-ligature, stainless steel shell that has passed all relevant industry tests for mental health environments.

The new handle can be stopped at any point of being open or closed, giving both the service user and staff increased flexibility over both ventilation and privacy.

And the anti-tamper design of the staff lock greatly reduces the potential for damage and associated maintenance costs.

Britplas’s head of sales, Neil Guest, said: “Innovation is an important part of our culture at Britplas and the continuous improvement of our proprietary product range will always be a priority.

“We have received initial orders for the first window installations using the new hardware and feedback has been very positive.”

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