Automatic data logging and recording saves time and money

Published: 27-Apr-2017

Wallgate updates WDC electronic water management controllers to help hospitals stay compliant over water purges

Wallgate has introduced a significant upgrade to its range of WDC electronic water management controllers with the addition of automatic data logging of all automatic hygiene purges.

This feature reduces the need for labour-intensive manual recording by staff by providing automatic evidence of all purge activity.

In accordance with formal documentation such as those within HTM-04-1 The control of Legionella, staff previously have been designated to manually activate taps and record water flow in the constant battle to avoid the risk of infection within water systems.

Standard features of the controllers include timed flow and lockouts, together with automatic hygiene purging.

With the addition of a small, optional, flow sensor, these highly-intelligent products are also able to confirm that water has actually been dispensed, which may be crucial within a safety critical system such as this.

Daisy Hill of Green Lane Hospital in Devises, Wiltshire, has recently worked with Wallgate to install WDC controllers with standalone data logging after seeing the benefits of evidence recording of activation and exportable data logs.

The installation of the new data logging capability provides Daisy Hill with proof of usage and CQC-compliant evidence.

Charles Drew, Wallgate’s secure sales manager, said: “We have been asked by several customers to help them automate this critical water management function.

“Continual manual checking and recording is essential, but time consuming. By enabling customers to automate this important task we are providing them with the opportunity to improve the reliability and consistency of monitoring and make valuable cost savings.”

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