All 154 NHS acute trusts in England are now GS1 UK members

Published: 10-Nov-2015

Major milestone reached in support of the Department of Health’s eProcurement strategy

A major milestone has been reached in the support of the Department of Health’s e-Procurement Strategy .

GS1 UK has announced that all 154 NHS acute trusts in England are now registered as GS1 UK members, as mandated by the Department of Health’s strategy.

The use of GS1 standards enable the NHS to shift towards integrated, patient-centric care provision, resulting in improved patient outcomes, significant efficiencies, and reduced errors. GS1 UK is now working with the Department of Health, NHS in England and industry to ensure GS1 standards are implemented.

Used throughout the trusts, GS1 standards improve patient safety, provide greater regulatory compliance, and drive operational efficiencies. Being fully compliant with GS1 standards allow every trust to have greater control over their procurement processes, saving money and eliminating wastage, as well as increasing overall efficiency. The use of GS1 standards in the NHS is reinforced by the recent interim Carter Review, which states that the introduction of GS1 standards will allow every NHS hospital in England to save an average of £3m each year, while improving patient care.

Glen Hodgson, head of healthcare at GS1 UK, said: “We are delighted that every NHS acute trust in England is now registered as a GS1 UK member. By using unique identification standards everywhere along the patient pathway it is possible to increase efficiency and significantly improve the quality and safety of care. We are working closely with the Department of Health and trusts to ensure the adoption and implementation of GS1 standards is just as seamless.”

John Warrington, deputy director of procurement policy and research at the Department of Health, added: “The implementation of GS1 standards is no longer just a good thing to do, it’s now essential for delivering the NHS Five Year Forward View efficiencies.”

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