Accessibility guides launched across CHP estate

Published: 20-Feb-2022

Community Health Partnerships joins forces with AccessAble to provide detailed accessibility guidance for all 310 of its sites in England

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) has partnered with AccessAble to improve access to all its NHS sites.

CHP is responsible for 5% of the NHS property portfolio and has worked with AccessAble to create detailed access guides for each of its 310 sites across England.

The guides will help building users who require additional support to plan ahead of their visit and make the most out of their appointment.

To celebrate the launch, CHP and Accessible have been working with production company, Surfr, to produce a series of short stop-motion videos which capture the experiences of disabled people with a variety of impairments.

The guides are 100% facts, figures, and photographs which patients, staff, and visitors can view and prep for ahead of each visit.

They will cover everything from parking facilities and hearing loops, to walking distances and accessible toilets.

And they have been checked in person, on site, by trained surveyors.

Alexandra Slater, executive director for customer services at CHP, said: “We are thrilled to have worked in partnership with AccessAble to produce detailed access guides for our health facilities across England.

“We recognise everyone’s accessibility needs are different, which is why having accurate and up-to-date information is so important.

“The guides will help patients and staff plan ahead of their visit, familiarise themselves with the building, and create as stress-free an experience as possible.”

Anna Nelson, chief executive of AccessAble, added: “We are delighted to partner with CHP, which works collaboratively with the NHS to provide high-quality health and social care facilities, recognising how crucial access information is for disabled patients, visitors, and staff.

“We know that visiting an NHS service can increase anxiety and not being able to find out about the facilities available can really add to that.

“Our guides provide part of the solution to reduce missed appointments, giving the information people need about accessibility, so they plan their visit and feel confident.”

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