A ‘Vision’ for dementia

Published: 27-Jul-2016

New dementia-friendly ward opens at King's Mill Hospital

New Vision has just completed its most-comprehensive dementia-friendly environment yet at King’s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

While the company has been involved with dementia projects with various NHS trusts since 2011, this particular ward incorporates a greater range of its dementia-friendly products than any other – including a large-scale ‘nostalgia wall’.

The brief for the Woodland Ward at King’s Mill was to create areas that could aid reminiscence and help to calm and/or stimulate patients when necessary.

To achieve this, New Vision incorporated a combination of décor and dementia-friendly products into the scheme.

All are designed to encourage reminiscence in those living with dementia and include a 1950s-style TV and Kodak digital display, photos from the past, and a digital fish tank.

Wall murals create a nostalgic display running the length of a main corridor and feature old movie posters, music icons, and local scenes from times gone by. These are combined with a fake fireplace and old-fashioned furniture.

Adam Hayward, Woodland Ward matron, said: “We knew that graphic design and interactive elements were vital to achieving our goals.

“The work is superb and there’s no doubt we have the best-possible care environment for our patients, their families, and our staff.”

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