Wipes better than soap and water

Published: 8-Jul-2011

Research has supported the use of disposable wipes over traditional soap and water for cleaning patients in hospitals and care homes. The study, conducted by manufacturer, Diversey, demonstrated superior infection control, occupational health and cost-saving benefits. The results revealed a lower risk of cross contamination between patients, reduced exposure to pathogens for nurses and other care workers, and less contamination around washbasins. In addition, it states that using wipes reduces the time taken to wash each patient by around 50% and lessens the physical stress on carers' backs by 30% and shoulders by 27%. The research used the company's disposable Soft Care Body Wash Gloves, which are manufactured from non-woven synthetic fibres and shaped like a glove for convenience. The active ingredient is a blend of surfactants, impregnated into the wipe and formulated to give superior hygiene while remaining safe and gentle for the patient and carer during prolonged contact. During the trial at a care home in the UK, bacteriological samples were taken from hard surfaces and washbasins. All were tested by an independent laboratory to provide a measure of contamination levels. A separate laboratory test measured the amount of bacteria on hands after washing a patient with water and with a wash wipe. It also explored the ergonomic and efficiency benefits of both approaches.

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