Unification of breast PACS with Insignia

Published: 15-Aug-2018

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust migrates more than 87,000 mammography images to new system, enabling sharing between trusts

Insignia Medical Systems has announced the successful unification of a new Insignia Breast PACS with the current Insignia PACS at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

More than 87,000 mammography studies have migrated to the new system, bringing numerous benefits across the trust, including enabling immediate comparison with associated prior imaging from other modalities and other trusts, such as Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

Speaking about the migration, Andrew Scott, PACS manager at Milton Keynes University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The unification of the Breast PACS system with our solution from Insignia has helped to streamline processes significantly and provided the structure for a far-greater level of data quality for breast imaging.

“With Insignia, we now have improved flexibility of service and a robust technical solution to support it.”

Debbie Noble, breast imaging services manager at Milton Keynes University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, added: “The migration of breast imaging into the main hospital PACS system has improved efficiencies both within imaging and beyond, supported by the ability to view multi-modality images within the same system.

“Clinical efficiencies have become particularly evident with imaging sharing capabilities and the preparation of MDT meetings, both of which previously involved manual intervention in pushing images between systems.”

“The whole process took one month, with both the Insignia and trust’s IT department working together to ensure a smooth migration process.

“With new reporting workstations and self-monitoring diagnostic monitors, the system is streamlined producing huge time savings as staff no longer have a requirement to pull and push images manually for reporting to be possible.”

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