Tintri improves VDI infrastructure for South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

Published: 4-May-2017

Fast and secure access to virtual desktops for thousands of healthcare workers

The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust has deployed Tintri across its VDI environment to provide healthcare practitioners with fast access to vital data and its infrastructure team with simplified management.

South Eastern Health provides an extensive range of health and social care services to over 440,000 people in Northern Ireland and currently employs over 12,500 staff across a wide range of disciplines.

It required a robust VDI infrastructure that would support thousands of virtual machines and provide simple and fast access to virtual desktops for all healthcare workers.

Initially, the trust built its virtual environment using HPE’s StoreVirtual platform.

Although this worked well in a data centre environment, the trust soon found it wasn’t ideal for coping with virtual desktops.

The organisation needed a solution that could maintain performance and simplify its infrastructure.

After first encountering Tintri at VMworld in 2013, the IT team purchased two VMstore systems.

In 2016, after experiencing significant business benefits first hand, it added two more VMstore systems in order to accommodate growth.

Since deploying Tintri, South Eastern Health has been able to provide its practitioners with the instant access they need.

Additionally, it has greatly reduced time spent managing storage and added the scalability and redundancy needed for a growing VDI environment.

Darren Henderson, ICT services manager at the trust, said: “Since Tintri is an independent node, we don't have to ‘size for tomorrow’, we can just buy what we need for today.

“With other solutions, we would have to buy a large, expensive storage system up front. Tintri is a much-more-scalable and cost-effective solution.”

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