Prospitalia h-trak partners with Pagero to extend NHS PEPPOL reach

Published: 2-Feb-2018

Move supports Scan4Safety programme in NHS trusts

Prospitalia h-trak has entered into an agreement to partner with the Pagero Group to provide and extend its PEPPOL service to existing NHS hospital customers.

NHS trusts currently using Prospitalia h-trak’s PEPPOL purchase order and invoicing service have been informed of the new direction and plans have been devised to ensure their service is not interrupted.

Over the next few months the Prospitalia h-trak and Pagero Account Management teams will work together to transition customers onto the Pagero platform.

The decision to partner with Pagero is based on its extensive capability and proven track record with PEPPOL, being one of the largest providers of this service globally.

Pagero streamlines the Purchase to Pay process, reducing potential points of failure by transmitting the electronic purchase order from a trust’s ERP system directly to the PEPPOL network and to its onward destination.

Kirk Kikirekov, managing director of Prospitalia h-trak, said: ‘The Pagero partnership provides Prospitalia h-trak’s hospital trust customers with a reliable, sophisticated and globally-proven electronic trading platform using the PEPPOL network.

“Together, Prospitalia h-trak and Pagero will provide a fully-electronic service from the patient episode of care, through the supply chain, and onward to trusts’ payment systems.

"This allows Prospitalia h-trak to focus on its core h-trak product, knowing that with Pagero we are meeting the PEPPOL and Scan4Safety objectives of the NHS.”

Anna Micklewright, global head of sales for Pagero’s healthcare division, added: “We are delighted that Prospitalia h-trak has chosen to partner with Pagero to deliver PEPPOL services.

“Pagero has experience in the implementation of PEPPOL in multiple countries having worked with hospitals and the major suppliers to the healthcare industry for many years.

“Both Prospitalia h-trak and Pagero are naturally aligned in their understanding of how supply chain data can impact hospital efficiency and patient outcome and it is our combined passion in positively impacting both that will drive excellence in the Scan4Safety programmes in UK hospitals.”

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