Owen Mumford presents latest device innovations for treatment of diabetes

Published: 30-Sep-2014

Leading medical device manufacturer showcases new pen needle innovation

Owen Mumford has launched a new 4mm 32-gauge version of its Unifine Pentips Plus pen needle.

This unique design encourages frequent needle change combined with a shorter, thinner needle to reduce penetration force for a more-convenient and comfortable injection experience.

Part of a good injection routine includes using diabetes pen needles only once. Changing the needle tip of a pen injector after each use can also improve the likelihood of delivering the correct insulin dose. With a built-in needle remover that contains the sharp, Unifine Pentips Plus pen needles allow for easy, one-handed capping, making it convenient to change needles when travelling or injecting on the go. It has also been proven to increase adherence to good injection routine.

“Making the injection process as easy and comfortable for the patient as possible plays an important part in encouraging good self-management practices, which, in turn, helps to reduce the risks of complications and treatment costs,” said Richard Walker, global product manager for drug delivery products.

“Our products for home health and clinical environments are designed to provide greater patient comfort as well as bring new levels of safety and convenience to patients, care givers and healthcare professionals.”

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