North West Boroughs NHS Foundation Trust recycling success

Published: 19-Jun-2018

Landfill diversion levels of over 99% achieved through partnership with B&M Waste

North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NWBFT) is celebrating landfill diversion levels of over 99%, as well as protecting patient and staff confidentiality in line with the GDPR regulation changes, using B&M Waste’s Secure Shredding service.

Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services and NWBFT have introduced recycling services to separate dry mixed recycling from the general waste, as well as taking general waste which cannot be recycled for processing into green energy at a combined heat and power plant.

This ensures zero waste goes to landfill.

In April 2015 a cost-reducing-yet-compliant Secure Shredding service was commenced across over 100 trust sites, with 144 locakable consoles placed strategically to encourage staff to shred confidential paperwork, which is first shredded, then 100% recycled.

Environmental reports are produced by B&M Waste demonstrating the amount of waste collected, recycled and the energy recovered, as well as the amount of trees and car miles saved in terms of KG of carbon as waste is diverted from landfill.

The trust’s contract manager for soft FM services, Julie Westwell, said: “The reports we receive offer us an audit trail and are very useful for the trust’s annual Eric returns to demonstrate the trees and car miles that have been saved through utilising B&M Waste and B&M Secure Shredding’s service.

“The reports are something other NHS trusts could benefit from.

For example, at our chief exec question time we use them.

“When patients and staff ask about recycling, we have the evidence with the reports to back up that we are doing the right thing”

David Carter, account manager from B&M Waste, added: “We have a long-term relationship with the trust and praise it for introducing recycling and landfill diversion across its sites.

“And with GDPR regulation the trust can also rest assured that using our Secure Shredding service means it is dealing with its confidential paperwork as it should.”

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