The next-generation superbug-beating technology has arrived

Published: 28-May-2015

Bioquell BQ-50 uses latest hydrogen peroxide vapour technology to eradicate pathogens

Smaller, faster and with the gold standard in pathogen killing efficacy, the next-generation of microbial eradication technology has just been launched by the world leader in bio-decontamination.

The Bioquell BQ-50 is the result of an innovative R&D endeavour conducted by Bioquell following indepth market research. Using the latest hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology to eradicate pathogens, the company has been developing this new system to provide the healthcare sector with an even-more-efficient and flexible bio-decontamination process.

The BQ-50 works by depositing an even layer of ‘micro-condensation’ of HPV over all surfaces to eradicate the bugs. It now offers short cycle times, is simple to use, and is a compact/portable size. These innovations enable hospitals to decontaminate patient rooms more quickly, enhancing patient flow without compromising infection control practices.

The system is now ready to work at the touch of a button and no more data entry is required as the machine automatically assesses all the influencing variables, including room size and humidity level.

Ease of use has also been improved by reducing the number of cables and enabling wifi communication between the master vaporising generator, the aeration units and the command centre lectern. The size of the units has been significantly reduced to help provide easier handling around the hospital. Finally, the process of using the liquid sterilant has also been optimised to avoid any wastage.

George Olden, newly-appointed BQ-50 product manager, said, “We are very excited about the launch of the BQ-50. We’ve been working closely with the healthcare sector to come up with a decontamination solution that fits their needs. Our earlier products began our eliminate doubt crusade, but the BQ-50 takes decontamination to the next level for hospitals.”

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