Steam cleaners enhance healthcare cleaning capabilities

Published: 25-Sep-2015

Diversey Care introduces five new steam cleaning machines for healthcare environments

Diversey Care has introduced five steam cleaning machines to offer healthcare customers enhanced cleaning, hygiene and infection prevention capabilities.

The new machines are available alongside Diversey Care’s range of advanced TASKI floorcare equipment so that customers can source more of their equipment from a single supplier with market-leading expertise.

“In healthcare steam is especially suitable for intricate and detailed hard and porous surfaces such as edges, vertical structures and grouting in tiled areas that are difficult to clean with other tools and larger equipment,” said Katie Pett, healthcare sector marketing manager for Diversey Care in the UK and Ireland.

“It is ideal for periodic and deep cleaning where users want to refurbish and transform the appearance of their facilities.”

On porous materials, such as bedding and upholstery, steam not only cleans and refreshes, but also kills bacteria and micro-organisms including dust mites. The minimal residue afterwards can be removed with microfibre or a vacuum cleaner. Bacteria are unable to multiply and the surface is instantly and hygienically clean.

The Diversey Care range comprises five compact and lightweight models. The two simplest machines are steam-only with a choice of models delivering 4.5 (Model SO4) or 8 (SO8) bar pressure.

One of the mid-range machines (SD4) incorporates a chemical delivery system to accelerate the removal of ground-in grease and grime. It can be used with routine and problem-solver products from the extensive Diversey Care range including formulations to remove chewing gum and mould from tile grout. The other mid-range machine (SV4) incorporates a vacuum pick-up that removes condensate and debris to leave the working area clean and dry. It can double-up as a wet pick-up during emergencies to maximise the machine’s utility and save storage space by avoiding the need for additional equipment.

The top-of-the-range SDV8 model combines high-pressure steam, detergent and vacuum functions in a single unit and is ideal for the toughest and most-demanding applications.

The machines are designed and manufactured in the UK by steam cleaning specialist, Matrix Cleaning Systems. The operator simply fills the machine, plugs it into a power socket and waits just a few minutes for the water to heat up. A continuous water fill feature allows the machine to be topped up at any time. This promotes safety for the operator and reduces the time spent waiting for steam so that more time is spent on productive working. Generous cable and hose lengths ensure operators can easily access difficult areas to optimise the use of the comprehensive accessory set supplied with each machine.

The use of high-quality materials and robust construction promotes machine durability for life-long reliability. The models are Diversey-branded and exclusively finished in the same distinctive orange colour as the company’s TASKI machines.

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