Royal Chesterfield Hospital teams up with Fordingbridge for renovation project

Published: 20-Jul-2023

As part of the hospital’s renovation project, creating a new emergency department, Chesterfield Hospital contracted Fordingbridge to design and construct a large-scale ambulance and emergency vehicle canopy

Designed with a limited material palette of Polyester Powder-coated steel and polycarbonate, this structure holds back the weather all year round as patients seek rapid medical support, by allowing rain run off to fall towards the building and into a hidden gutter system on the side of the existing building.

This 28m build allows for multiple vehicles to gain direct access to the emergency department entrance, and without influence from the weather, so that staff can give the best care no matter what the weather conditions are outside. Patient care starts from the moment of arrival to collect the patient in distress, and this canopy grants continual aid and positive impact to the arrival of those seeking urgent medical assistance.

Visit HERE for more information.

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