Public Health Wales selects Mace & Menter to boost communication

Published: 11-Jul-2022

Research specialist to determine best social media channels for informing patients

South West-based service design and user research specialist, Mace & Menter, has been selected by Public Health Wales to run a discovery project exploring ways social media can be most effectively used to communicate vital health messaging.

The research will explore ways different social media channels can be used most effectively to meet the needs of the users, whether or not the organisation is reaching the target audience, and how the channels can be used to support the wider objectives of the organisation.

Throughout the pandemic the number of people following Public Health Wales on social media significantly increased and on Facebook there are now 234,000 followers, Twitter 69,000 and LinkedIn, 6,600.

With social media becoming an increasingly-powerful channel for the organisation, Public Health Wales will be using this research to inform its communication strategy for the coming year.

Danny Donovan, digital communications manager at Public Health Wales, said: “It’s extremely important for us to be able to communicate vital public health messages to our audiences on social media.

Understanding audience motivations and behaviours is the most-effective way to build a foundation for strategic communication decisions

“The research conducted by Mace & Menter will support our understanding of who our key audiences are, what they need, gain insight into how effectively we are reaching that audience, and help us to use each channel to deliver real value.”

The work is intended to give Public Health Wales a solid evidence base and a firm foundation as it drives its social media channels forward.

Mace & Menter will be reviewing social channels, conducting qualitative and quantitative research into user behaviour, and running stakeholder workshops co-creating a set of personas to inform future strategy.

Mace & Menter’s managing director, Sam Menter, said: “Understanding audience motivations and behaviours is the most-effective way to build a foundation for strategic communication decisions.

“Rigorous research helps us determine the right messaging for the right audience.

“It’s exciting to work with an organisation where we can support innovation and help deliver better experiences across the NHS.”

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