Patient portal solution will put power in the hands of patients

Published: 1-Jun-2022

Birmingham trust chooses Wellola as clinical and administrative Patient Portal provider

Wellola has been selected by Birmingham Community Healthcare (BCHC) NHS Foundation Trust to deliver its new Patient Portal platform, putting more power in the hands of patients when it comes to managing their care.

The new Patient Portal platform will enable the trust to deliver enhanced patient-facing services, including the ability for patients to view aspects of their medical record, manage appointments, complete online forms, and receive vital educational resources.

The project aims to revolutionise how the trust engages with patients, involves them in their healthcare, and manages the two million patient interactions it has with patients across the West Midlands region each year.

In line with its ‘best care: healthy communities’ vision, this project is also a key piece of work in the trust’s five-year Fit for 2022 plan.

Bolaji Akinwale, electronic patient record programme manager at the trust, said: “Over the last five years we have been working to accelerate the use of digital technology within our services.

“Up to now much of this work has focused on ensuring colleagues, especially patient-facing ones, have the tools they need to provide the best care to our service users.

“This next phase is a really-important step in putting more power and choice in the hands of our service users.”

Sonia Neary, chief executive and co-founder of Wellola, added: “Our partners and customers are increasingly voicing challenges related to increasing demand for services, waiting lists, and management of bed capacity. And our hope is to alleviate these pressures, among others, for organisations such as BCHC.

“Wellola’s portal is already deployed in many public and private healthcare organisations in the UK and Ireland, giving patients access to both primary and secondary care services through one integrated platform, and we are delighted to have secured another NHS trust working in the community setting.”

The implementation is currently underway with a view to deployment across all areas of the trust over the coming months.

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