NHS Fife chooses Fast-track diagnostics for respiratory virus detection


Respiratory 21 assay comes out on top in pilot

NHS Fife has selected Fast-track diagnostics’ Respiratory 21 assay for the identification of respiratory viruses in its laboratories.

The assay will assist the health board in delivering fast and accurate diagnoses to hundreds of patients.

Fast-track diagnostics develops and manufactures more than 60 different assays in 32 and 64-reaction kit sizes, detecting more than 150 different pathogens. With its multiplexed approach, Fast-track diagnostics’ kits enable the simple, rapid detection of most of the clinically-relevant pathogens present in a sample. The kits are a cost-effective way of delivering a comprehensive diagnostic service and streamlining laboratory workflow and are compatible with a wide range of open-system thermo cyclers.

In the comparison study in Fife, a set of 68 samples were tested using the Respiratory 21 assay and a competitor assay. Both multiplex real-time PCR kits detected the same wide range of viruses, but the Fast-track diagnostics’ assay also detected a positive Rhinovirus and Adenovirus which was missed by the competitor tests. In addition, the Fast-track diagnostics multiplex includes the detection of Mycosplasma and Parechovirus and so was selected for routine use. Furthermore, the shorter assay time - 2.5 hours from sample to result - made it possible to perform two runs per day with a high level of accuracy and reliability.

“NHS Fife is continually looking to improve upon existing diagnostic methods to offer the best-possible service to clinicians and patients,” said Bob Jones, BMS professional manager at NHS Fife.

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“The shorter assay times streamline our workflow and the increased number of pathogens detected allows for greater accuracy and clinical relevance. Overal,l the Respiratory 21 assay from Fast-track diagnostics showed considerable advantages enabling more-effective patient care and treatment.”