Kimberly-Clark foam hand sanitiser helps beat bugs


While improving hydration by 30%

Kimberly-Clark Professional says its Kleenex ultra moisturising foam hand sanitiser is effective against the most common bacteria that can contaminate surfaces and cause infection.

The product contains 70% alcohol and leaves hands soft and smooth while improving skin hydration by 30%.

In a controlled, double blind study, conducted by Kimberly-Clark with 100 nurses, two out of three preferred Kleenex ultra moisturising foam hand sanitiser over a competitive product. Preference was determined after three applications of each product. The Kleenex product was found to dry fast and leave hands softer than the leading competitor.

“This new formulation has been specifically developed with the needs of healthcare workers in mind – a highly effective and nourishing sanitisation product that offers protection against bacteria and fungi typically found in healthcare environments,” said Jackie Martin, marketing director, Healthcare Segment, Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Martin added that the new Kleenex hand sanitiser is cost effective because it delivers nearly twice the number of shots as gel products of the same size. It will also moisturise skin for up to two hours after application.

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Additionally, the proprietary moisturising formula reduces the sticky feel users experience after multiple uses with other hand sanitisers, which is valuable for healthcare workers who need to clean their hands hundreds of times per day.