IBM and Karantis360 build AI-driven approach to assisted living

Published: 19-Jun-2018

EnOcean Gmbh tracks behaviour to flag changes to routine and possible need for emergency treatment

Care management provider, Karantis360, has partnered with IBM to develop a smart cloud-based solution designed to enable assisted living through non-intrusive monitoring of individuals in their own homes, residential care, sheltered housing, or healthcare facilities.

Leveraging IBM Watson IoT, delivered via a mobile application, Karantis360 learns changes in behaviour over time and flags exceptions to routines and habits as these occur.

Using IoT sensors via EnOcean Gmbh, it can track whether a patient has got out of bed, used the bathroom, boiled the kettle, or left the house, sending alerts via a mobile app in case of any unusual behaviour which may indicate a need for emergency intervention.

Services like these may lead to national healthcare providers like NHS being better able to care for elderly patients, particularly those with Alzheimer's or dementia.

"In the UK alone, there are now 10.8 million people over 68 years old, 97% of which would prefer to stay in their own homes,” said Nick Hampson, managing director of Karantis.

“Developed in partnership with IBM, Karantis360 is a totally-new development in assisted living.

“We moved to the IBM Cloud to unlock the AI and IoT services which weren't previously available to us and, combined with EnOcean GmBH sensors, have now built a secure system designed to deliver genuinely-smarter care with complete confidentiality and data security.

“This is a system trusted by clients and relied on by families and residents so that they can live more independently and safely in their own homes for longer."

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