G-Cloud: providing an alternative framework to a full tender

Published: 18-Sep-2020

Software specialists Asckey Data Services remain a supplier on G-Cloud platform

G-Cloud is a government initiative that started in 2012. Its aim was to ease the procurement process by public sector organisations for Cloud computing services.

G-Cloud, also known as the “Digital Marketplace”, consists of a series of framework agreements with suppliers. These frameworks help public sector organisations to buy services without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process.

Public sector organisations can search for people, companies and technology for their digital projects. Organisations can assess providers based on the information given and then select the provider that meets their budget and requirements best.

Benefits of using G-Cloud

This type of procurement process handles the selection and the procurement of services. Buying Cloud technology can be overwhelming due to the offerings and complexity of the technology. The Digital Marketplace simplifies that process.

Using the Digital Marketplace saves public sector organisations money, time and resources in researching providers and running a full tender process. It provides a suitable framework that allows for a fair and open procurement process.

However, you can only search providers who are registered on the platform. The platform is also only for Cloud-based products.

Asckey on G-Cloud

Asckey became a G-Cloud supplier in 2018 when G-Cloud 10 was launched. The platform is continually updated and improved to help public sector organisation find what they are looking for.

After years of working with the NHS and other public sector organisations, Asckey recognised that not all potential clients were keen to go to a full tender process as these can often be an expensive and time-consuming process.

G-Cloud 12 will launch later this month and Asckey is pleased to announce that their application to remain a supplier on the platform has been accepted. On the platform you are able to procure any application from their fmfirst Product Suite. This includes their CAFM software, fmfirst Estates; cleaning audit software, fmfirst Cleaning; and their survey software, fmfirst Survey.

Products can still be found on the current G-Cloud version but if you’d like to discuss your requirements further before pursuing the platform then please get in touch with Asckey via sales@asckey.com.

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