Belfast trust deploys workforce management solution

Published: 16-Apr-2012

Health trust installs e-Rostering system for nursing and bank staff

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust has installed the HealthRoster solution from Allocate Software to provide a fully-integrated e-Rostering and bank staff management system for its nursing workforce.

The trust, the largest individual healthcare organisation in Europe, has installed the system in order to meet ongoing regulatory challenges and to drive improvements through automation and optimised working practices.

It will ensure staffing levels and skills meet with demand and that staff are rostered adequately over multiple locations. In addition, it will deliver financial savings by highlighting where ‘avoidable costs’ can be removed, provide a fully integrated e-Rostering and bank staff solution from one single platform, and provide access to data on staffing in real time. It will also increase productivity by streamlining labour intensive administrative processes, such as timesheet submission and approval.

Paul Scandrett, director of healthcare at Allocate Software, said: “These are challenging times for the NHS. With so much consolidation and potential competition in the marketplace, it’s vital that trusts put workforce planning and management at the top of the agenda to drive productivity and quality.

“By investing in a workforce optimisation tool, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust is moving forward with its ambitions as an efficient and forward-thinking organisation that is entirely focused on patient care.”

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