BHC Furniture the solution for NHS Reading


BHC Furniture creates eye-catching, but performance-enhancing offices with the supply of furniture for the new NHS Reading

BHC Furniture is focused on the planning, management and installation of every project it undertakes for the supply of office and healthcare furniture.

It creates eye-catching and well-designed offices, not only to enhance the interior spaces, but to work with the architecture and design of the contemporary exterior build.

“For BHC, a blank canvas for an office space in a healthcare building must be executed with attention to detail in function and practicality, but nowadays must also echo the contemporary aesthetic of the exterior design,” said Peter Bright, managing director.

BHC Furniture’s most-recent brief was to create cost-effective, functional working offices over two floors for NHS Reading. Space was at a premium, but a modern, spacious and collaborative working interior for its staff was key.

“Working within an environment that works cohesively from a design perspective, including the function of its furniture, will be conducive to output and general satisfaction of employees,” said Bright.

BHC Furniture the solution for NHS Reading

BHC’s expertise in planning a project with concise space requirements came into play. The Agile bench desk system to support flexible working practices was specified with Clipper task chairs, which offer a universal seating solution with sufficient adjustment options for all users. Meeting rooms within the NHS Reading offices were vital to support the open-plan areas. Shared storage and reprographic solutions were centralised to the open-plan office area to meet the requirements of the client’s working practices.

BHC Furniture’s management and installation process are highly regarded and it is with these efficiencies that ensured the project was successfully completed over the allocated three days, with preoccupation orientation days scheduled to introduce and inform staff to the functions of the new offices and furniture there was no flexibility in completion times.

The Freeway Bench

The Freeway Bench accommodates workers adjacent to each other without desk-by-desk interference. The structural strength supports the high-capacity cable management which can withstand the demands of a flexible workspace.


This elegant stacking chair is perfect for large scale, conferencing applications. Stacking comfortably up to 40 on a trolley and 12 freestanding, this steel wire-framed chair is available with or without arms and has been designed so that the arms do not compromise its stacking capabilities.

Red and turquoise seating ‘Fifty Series’

This adaptable design adds a desirable, compact, square armchair with accompanying two-seater sofa and coffee tables to the collection. Fifty Series is an ideal range for numerous soft seating and meeting environments, including reception areas, coffee bars, corporate lounges and breakout spaces.

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The red Fifty Series is ideal for soft seating and meeting environments