BD launches waste-reducing Emerald syringe

Published: 4-Jan-2013

BD Emerald Conventional Syringe to help NHS trusts meet carbon reduction targets

BD has announced the launch of the BD Emerald, a syringe for general medication preparation and delivery that has been designed to contribute to a reduction in medical waste.

“BD recognises that human health and a healthy environment are inseparable,” said Roland Goette, vice president and general manager of BD’s medical surgical systems in western Europe. “We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship in our business conduct and the BD Emerald Syringe meets our highest standards for product quality while also reducing environmental impact by using less material and sustainable operations practices.”

The BD Emerald Conventional Syringe for general medication preparation and delivery is part of the BD Emerald Syringe portfolio, which helps to prevent the spread of infection by addressing clinical needs and meeting quality standards around the world.

The BD Emerald Syringe is manufactured using sustainable manufacturing practices, including the use of renewable electricity, at a BD facility in Spain, and uses less material in the manufacturing process. This will, in turn, help hospitals to reduce their medical waste in line with NHS carbon footprint targets.

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