Asckey partners with Serco by supplying fmfirst

Published: 27-Jul-2021

"We wanted to offer our client a more consistent auditing process with tangible data retention"

Serco delivers services on behalf of governments and a range of public sector bodies across Defence, Justice, Immigration, Healthcare and Transport, and Citizen Services in the UK and internationally.

Serco work with various hospitals around the UK supporting the management of their facilities and estates. Asckey work closely with Serco, providing software solutions that support the hospitals they work with.

In December 2019, Asckey partnered with Serco once again by supplying fmfirst® Cleaning to one of their NHS clients. Hafissou Issifou Mamam, Quality Assurance & Performance Manager for Serco, explains "We previously carried out our cleaning audits on paper, which was time consuming and could be prone to human-error. We wanted to offer our client a more consistent auditing process with tangible data retention."

"We considered several options to provide a consistent monitoring process that would offer assurance to the client and felt sourcing software would be the better solution. Our client was already familiar with Asckey’s software so it was a natural partnership to consider."

Asckey’s fmfirst® Cleaning software has been deployed at Serco’s NHS client’s premises for over 18 months. Commenting on the software, Hafissou said “We have seen a real positive impact and an improvement in consistency which has strengthened our client relationship and service assurance. I love the product as it has given us assurance on our service standard across the site.”

If you would like to find out more about our fmfirst® Cleaning application then please get in touch with Asckey.

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