New product categories as part of expanded surgical implants framework

Published: 13-Dec-2017

Eight new product categories, six new suppliers, and more-transparent pricing

NHS Supply Chain has launched an updated framework for surgical implants for men and women’s health which expands the range and choice of products available to NHS trusts.

Consisting of 12 product categories, including breast and testicular implant; the renewed framework introduces eight new silicone implant products and six new suppliers.

New products on the framework, such as nasal, penile and pectoral implants, will increase customer choice from market-leading suppliers.

As well as increased product choice, the framework uses saving levers to offer NHS trusts transparent and consistent pricing.

It also dispenses with the need for trusts to undertake their own tendering exercises, speeding up the procurement process.

Utilising the renewed and expanded framework represents one of the easiest ways to purchase surgical implants for the NHS.

Phil Lewis, head of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular at NHS Supply Chain, said: “We are excited to be offering an expanded surgical implants framework. Not only does it reflect the requirements of the NHS, but it also provides flexibility to meet the needs of our customers and takes advantage of our national banded pricing matrix.”

The surgical implants framework product range covers:

  • Breast implants
  • Testicular implants
  • Tissue expanders
  • Breast sizers
  • Chin implants – New
  • Malar implants – New
  • Nasal implants – New
  • Calf implants – New
  • Gluteal implants – New
  • Pectoral implants – New
  • Thoracic implants – New
  • Penile implants – New
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