New app, ONCOassist, to revolutionise global cancer care

Published: 5-Apr-2019

First-of-a-kind mobile platform improves patient care and saves clinicians' time

ONCOassist is a new first-of-a-kind mobile platform that improves quality patient care and saves time for under-pressure oncologists.

It came to life as a passion project between co-founders Kevin Bambury and Eoin O’Carroll while completing their masters in E-business at University College Cork in Ireland.

Speaking about the creation of the specialised app, Bambury, said: “The original idea came from a discussion with Eoin, Dr Richard Bambury and myself regarding the time being wasted in searching online for tools and information to aid with clinical decision making.”

ONCOassist is turning mobile devices into medical devices while improving efficiency, progressing patient communication. and reducing errors.

As one of Europe’s only CE-approved apps, it makes the information and tools available a safe and reliable source.

Through improving time efficiency, a busy clinician is able to give patients a better quality of care in a shorter turnaround time.

And, with it’s mobile base and offline capabilities; ONCOassist works on the go, just as clinicians do.

Bambury said: “ONCOassist is used by oncology clinicians globally on a daily basis to help with everything from dosing to identification and management of patient toxicities.

“Oncology clinicians use ONCOassist as it offers them all the tools and information they need in one platform, helping to save them time and improve the quality of patient care.”

ONCOassist offers a variety of specialised functionalities and key features including adjuvant tools, over 20 interactive formulas, 15 prognostic scores, common toxicity criteria, AJCC TNM staging, drug info, and a drug interaction checker.

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