MyMedGas – a new way to manage your hospital MGPS

Published: 17-May-2023

Story originally published February 2020

“In an age of Big Data, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, MyMedGas takes management of the MGPS firmly into the 21st century – no more spreadsheets, files full of notes or problematic issues with asset management.  It’s a total game changer, not just for healthcare facilities but for BeaconMedaes too.  It has been a few years in development, and we can’t wait to start using this tool for our everyday business.” - Andy Tudor: Sales Manager, BeaconMedaes UK

MyMedGas, from trusted supplier BeaconMedaes, is radically changing the way hospitals manage their medical gas pipeline system (MGPS).  MyMedGas is an MGPS management system that provides one central digital location from which everything relating to the MGPS can be easily overseen and managed, with data accessed at any time and from any place.  This streamlines processes, helps to identify faults before they become serious and ultimately improves hospital safety and patient care.

Transparency and Ownership

Tracking inventory and controlling the MGPS is a complex task.  BeaconMedaes found that the asset lists its engineers received often lacked detail or had missing or duplicated equipment. This led to the decision to develop a bespoke asset management tool that would support maintenance clients and make the job of estates engineering and compliance teams easier by pulling together all the key data and giving them ownership of their MGPS.

Easy Asset and System Management

MyMedGas is controlled via an intuitive reporting dashboard that gives a clear, concise and easily understood overview of the MGPS.  It currently features three modules - asset management, compliance, and service – but can incorporate further modules as they come online.  It provides a central repository for all relevant documents and visually tracks, analyses and displays key performance indicators (KPIs) across the modules. 

Within the dashboard, clearly defined colour-coded sections allow quick and easy access to stored documentation.  Users can see at a glance the status of all work orders, the history of each asset, and a complete service report, and add or update information as needed.  This also helps to ensure that everything is in place for CQC Inspections and compliance with HTM guidelines.  Adaptive design means content fits a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Field Service Engineer App

MyMedGas is much more than an asset management system.  The newly-developed field service engineer app (FSE app) allows service technicians carrying out onsite PPM inspections to log every asset with a detailed location, making it easy to identify each piece of equipment and the inspection criteria, as well as ensuring no asset is accidentally missed during an inspection visit.  

The app is linked to MyMedGas via a planning module, giving the BeaconMedaes back-office support teams a solution that integrates all aspects of planning remedial jobs, maintenance visits and emergency repairs.

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